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Kooyu Villas


Kooyu Villas are a boutique Pacific Island Retreat of four distinctive Beach-Front Villas existing in the exotic, rich, and beautiful destination of Vanuatu... a new generation Island destination on the doorstep of Australia and New Zealand.

Named after the 100 year old Kooyu (koy-you) Tree that stands at the centre of the property, the villas front a clear sparkling-blue ocean where offshore trade winds offer sheltered and calm waters for snorkeling and high tide swimming amongst colourful coral and reef fish.

At Kooyu Villas visitors can slip into a Vanuatu island lifestyle with essential residential amenities close at hand and explore this unique pocket of the Pacific at their own pace.

Naturally, housekeeping and gardening services are provided and additional services can be tailored to include massage, private chefs, or child-care. This is your independent villa to enjoy as you please.


Residing at Paradise Cove, a stretch of coast adjoining Port Vila Habour on Pango Peninsula - Kooyu Villas are among a small cluster of private homes and boutique resorts that enjoy a peaceful and sheltered ocean-front existence within reach of Port Vila town.

Enjoy this cherished Pacific Island Paradise from a generously sized Island Villa perspective where you can hang out around the pool or at Kooyu beach, stray into town, drive around the island, or just check out the other Pango Peninsula beaches. Kooyu Villas offer the perfect base for the independent visitor to enjoy this diverse Pacific Island.


Designed to offer an effortless tropical existence in relaxed luxury and made from a mix of local timber, roughly treated concrete and oversized sliding doors to give an authentic rustic charm.

If you love to cook then fresh local organic produce can be sourced from the market and prepared on the 3 metre-long dining table with the help of inset gas hobs and oven. Large sliding doors can be pulled back to create a breezy cooking, dining and living pavilion - just the way things are meant to be in the tropics.

Don't forget that at Kooyu Villas you are out of the confines of a large-scale resort which means that breakfast can happen whenever you wish and eaten at the table, beside the pool or on the beach with your feet in the water. Sleep with the windows open and shower outside under the stars or lounge around in your bathrobe - here freedom and choice are yours for the taking and you will certainly be back to have some more.

To do

Life here is leisurely and simple, but this shouldn't take away from Port Vila town's bevy of cafe's and restaurants serving fresh French / Pacific cuisine, a renowned daily fruit and vegetable market, and an active community that includes a popular not-for-profit yoga school attended by healthy locals.

Further around the island you can find among other things, a Pacific-fusion beach-front restaurant, a village selling WWII coke bottles, swaying coconut plantations, and a stunning Eden-like waterfall they call 'The Cascades'.

If you want to keep it local, diving and snorkeling spots pepper the sheltered Paradise Cove side of Pango Peninsula, wind and waves hit the East facing coast, and an Italian / Pacific restaurant is just a 5 minute stroll along the coral road from Kooyu Villas. And let's not forget the simple pleasure of having a walk itself, stopping to take in a conversation and lining up an artistic photo. Or suppose you're happy to hang out and relax in your villa - that's cool too - maybe line up an afternoon massage to get fully recharged.


All Master Beachfront Villas have a kitchen / dining / lounge area and master bedroom with adjoining private outdoor courtyard shower.

An additional Guest Bedroom Villa with en-suite can be requested in conjunction with a Master Villa booking.

For guests looking to holiday in a small group, renting multiple villas gives the perfect balance between private space and neighbourly interaction. After all it is fun to host a dinner party followed by a small fire on the beach, but when it comes time to retire at the end of the evening it is good to know that you can head back to your own private space.

Resort Facilities and Services;

Fruit bowl | Fresh flowers | Breakfast pack for the first morning | Candles | Quality linen | Housekeeping service | Rental car at request | Child care at request | Underground Vanuatu guide.


Santo Pyor Parfumferie

Vanuatu is an experience for all the senses and Santo Pyor Parfumerie captures the most exotic and alluring aromas of the islands.

Using the ancient oil of the Sandalwood tree, this new and original boutique brand includes fragrances, body oils and body washes in its range - all natural, chemical free, and using the highest quality of ingredients.

Kooyu Villas has Santo Pyor in the bathroom as part of our personal care products and if you want to discover the full range for yourself during your stay the concept store is located on the downtown Port Vila waterfront next to Cafe du Village and beside The Grand Hotel. Alternatively check them out online: